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The possibilities and pitfalls of website personalization.

"Advertising is, actually, a simple phenomenon in terms of economics. It is merely a substitute for a personal sales force--an extension, if you will, of the merchant who cries aloud his wares." ~Rosser Reeves

In the B2B digital world I inhabit, online personalization has reached the "we must" phase. Clients are saying we must deliver personalized site experiences based on past purchases. We must create mobile experiences pivoting on location. We must offer messaging and content that speaks to each visitor's industry, even to the specific company. We must speak to specific technology needs at just right technical level.  In short, if you want our work, agency people, you must deliver brilliant and effective and #moreyourwaythanburgerking customer experiences.

Of course, personalization is nothing new in marketing. Just about anyone who's worked in the industry for over a decade has done a "personalized" direct mail campaign. Yes,…

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