9 & 3/4 thinking: Oreos dunking in the dark.

Like a good ad guy, I watched this year's Super Bowl. But if I'm going to remain a good ad guy, next year I'll probably be working the Super Bowl shift. The best ad at the Super Bowl wasn't on television. It was on the Oreo cookie twitter feed. It aired (so to speak) during the game--but more to the point, it was concepted, approved, and executed during it as well. 

Lights go out, tweet goes live. Bam. Retweets like crazy, trackable brand lift in minutes.

Advertising has always been about immediate gratification and cultural relevancy. And as a result, agency folks are used to facing unreasonable deadlines. There's a tired repartee that's been around forever that goes something like this:

Creative: When is this due? 
Account: I got it moved out, thank you very much. Client wanted it yesterday, but I got them to push it out to right now.

After the Oreo tweet, this will no longer be a joke. It's going to be an expectation. Not to sound like a Zen koan, but relevance is this very second. Anything older than that has already been talked about ad nauseum. 

But hey, I'm already a day late with this post, so it's dusty old news. First thing this morning, Forbes had already posted a breakdown of how the tweet was created.


  1. A great HBR post on real-time advertising:

  2. jennifer christiansenFebruary 7, 2013 at 8:39 PM

    How many Oreo employees does it take to tweet about a light bulb?

  3. Good one, Jen. There's a good quippy payoff line to that, but I can't think of it. So I turn to you: How many?


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