Why 9 & 3/4?

It comes from Harry Potter. Platform 9 & 3/4, located in the very real King's Cross Station, is the place where young wizards catch the train to Hogwarts. But to get to this platform, riders must know the way, which just happens to be through a brick wall.

I'm no Harry Potter fanatic. Barely a fan, even. So why cop an obscure reference from it as the title of this blog? Because Platform 9 and 10 take you to obvious destinations, the places where Muggles tread, while 9 & 3/4 takes you to magic. It's worth the seemingly crazy search to find the non-obvious entryway among the bricks and between the mortar lines. You just never know what magic you might find.

And that's what I feel strategy, at its best, can do. The milk deprivation strategy, better known in its "Got milk?"creative execution, is an overused, outdated, but still incredible example from advertising.  I'll post 9 & 3/4 examples I find, as I find them.

And yes, I'm hoping to uncover some 9 & 3/4 platforms myself.


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